Wallflower by night,
Temptress, woman by day.

In the quiet of the noise
And in the darkness of the light,

I saw her.
Poised regally,

Powerful in her stillness, her silence,
Nary seduced by her wine

Which stood subdued red
And cowardly before her.

The tendrils of her unspoken unwitting seduction
Caressed my inebriated soul.

I was drawn to her.
Inexplicably, inexorably.

Right there
I needed to touch her,

To take her in my embrace
And drown in her intoxicating essence.

I wanted her pain to become mine,
Us to ravish each other with abandon.

I could trace these words on her golden skin,
Make her sweat my ink.

I drowned in dreams and drink.

Imaginings of what could have been
Blinding me to the moment.

In the end,
When the silence had killed the noise,
The earth stood still.

Yet, I still throbbed, as she still tugged.

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