On Love

There are only 12 notes, until God gives us 13. And Quincy, I want you to know what everybody did with those twelve. ~ Nadia Boulanger

Bach, Beethoven everybody – it’s the same 12 notes. Isn’t that amazing? All we have are twelve notes and you have to find your own sound through rhythm, harmony and melody. You have to find a way to make that your personal sound. ~ Quicny Jones

Source: INTERVIEW: Why Is Quincy Jones Worried About Music’s Future And The Distortion Of Sound?

{{ Drawing Parallels }}

I have nothing new to say about love. Write about it often, think of it, yes, but I have nothing new to add to it. I found it here when I ascended, and I’ll leave it here when I transcend. Like the universe, eternal, it is an integral fabric of it. I have no more to say about it than that I’m searching for my own voice within the eternal symphony. (The cynic will now say ‘symphoney‘.) And maybe this is all that is asked of us, that within the chaos, we find ourselves, our own rhythm, and say what has and will be said for eons, but do it nonetheless. And maybe in doing this, love becomes ours, love becomes our own, each instance different, a part of the whole, a note making up the entire melody.

.    .    .

Alright, enough cavities for one day: Love is Not Enough – Mark Manson.


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