Mapenzi Bila Jasho

Languor, love on a balmy afternoon,

Sweet: the nothings and the everything,

A dance of enraptured snails,

Snaking their way to ecstasy,

Slowly burning, dimly, warmly.

I know every inch of her skin,

She knows every inch of my soul.

Half-lidded, drugged

By a slow expression of lust,

We slip into and out of each other.

Her conscience is mine, she has my thoughts.

I dream only of her strokes.

There is no nothing else, only we exist,

In this gap between aloneness and heartbreak,

We break each other softly,

She lies unstill on me

And on her I quiver restrained,

Frantic with the promises of a heaven.

She is my quiet haven,

Where her noise deafens my pain.

I am her hell, her beautiful tormentor.

My pain for her drowns all others.

We sink to each other’s bottoms,

To the heaviness beneath that only

Those naked with each other can recognize,

The dark silent places where words don’t matter,

Only that we die in each other’s embrace.

We resonate with the crawling of mountains,

Forever is ours, tomorrow is now, as is today.

Together, we are the wind: rushing, rushing back.

Time stands still as shattered glass.


She ends where I begin, as I commence where she stops

Being. Circle. Infinite.

I love her slowly, eat at her from inside.

Every whiff, taste, kiss I savor.

She is food for my emptiness.

I do not rush the nourishment.

She could say the same of me.

Eager and rapt, I stop her

Before she consumes herself as she does me.

Where are we going? Where do we go from here?

Nowhere, from where we can reach anywhere.

Mambo yetu ni pole pole. Infinity awaits us.

Mapenzi bila jasho.



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