On Noticing Beautiful Women

Is that ALL you can see?!

For now, yes. All I can see is that she is beautiful, that she smells wonderful, that I feel flutterbys in my chest. For now, I’m riddled with adult thoughts concerning her. Yet, perhaps, that’s what I have to see so that I can see what lies in the shadows (or, the not shadows). She is not her beauty and her beauty is part of her. Should I ignore that? Should I pretend to be forward-thinking, to behave like a gentleman? That’s how she got my attention, albeit unintendedly,but not what kept it. I admit that I was drawn to her superficial, her physical, at first. And this is my point: she is more than what we can see, but often we have to see what’s without before seeing what’s within. Appearances shouldn’t count for anything in an ideal world. But this is not that world. Here, image matters, too much.


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