The Terrance and Phillip Show

So, I decided to get serious about unseriousness by watching South Park. Yes, I’m a little late to the soirée. I have quite a few seasons, because hey, if you’re going to watch something to get a firm grasp on it, you might as well dive in. Terrance and Phillip are recurring characters on the show-within-the-show called *drum roll*……. The Terrance and Phillip Show. It’s about the two characters farting in each others’ faces and laughing about it and making pun-ny jokes. Toilet humor, it’s called. Putting revulsion (and the sheer comicality) aside for an instant, the show is deeply symbolic. Methinks it’s a parody of what television has become: banal and ridiculous. An illustration: pick a Kenyan channel, any channel, and ask yourself whether you can watch it for two hours without flinching. That I find South Park more profound and entertaining than television says a lot about the current state of our broadcasting.

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