I’ll miss you. I already miss you.
I’ll miss you even when I bask in another’s sunshine.
You will go, you have to.
The world awaits you with arms open.
It’s time. I can feel it.
I can feel you starting to spread your wings,
For one last embrace,
for your journey to the horizons of your heart.

I’ll miss the softness of your lips,
The smoothness of your skin on mine,
the way you tickled my ears with loving fingers,
the way you ran those loving fingers over my hair.
If I could, I would keep you, till our days’ ends.
If I keep you, your dreams may have to lie still.
Let them unstir and take you where you’ve longed to go,
Let your kisses be another’s, as your heart is becoming,
rather, what’s left of it. Completely.
I’m keeping a piece for myself,
as you go with a piece of mine.

I won’t forget you,
I hope you won’t forget me,
even as the world luxuriates
in your eternal sunshine.
Would that I could own time,
then I wouldn’t have to let you go.
Why is beauty so fleeting?
I cannot unlove you any more
than I can take back the minutes,
The days spent exhausted
by each other’s ecstasies,
Nor do I want to.
This is wonderful emptiness.

Maybe I shouldn’t
have loved you to start.
Maybe this would be simpler
had I remained in those dark places,
and closed off my light to you,
closed myself off to your light.
No. I regret nothing.
You’re heaven’s warmth,
and now you might become my hell.
I’ll sing to you, one last time,
I’ll burn for you, one last time,
Because I’ve loved you, always will.
I’ll miss you. I’ll miss you.


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