In anger

, everything we do seems justified, and justifiable: the cursing, the screaming, the coldness and aloofness, the general unbecoming behaviour we often exhibit in these tense moments. Our words seem to come from the bottom of hell’s well, and however well-intentioned they may be, they come across as pure bile. In that moment, we forget that we end up hurting those concerned about us, they get burned when they try to comfort, to reach out. And it happens all too fast, we’re barely able to stop ourselves. We dive to catch those arrows in flight, yet they are arrows, and they are fast and sharp and stinging. That’s the easy part. How to say one’s sorry, how to say how to say….. How does one show remorse, the remorse that you feel when you wrong someone? What can one do or say to make it better? And, even when that’s figured out, does it really get better? I don’t think so. I think there’s always a lingering bite, a silent throb, glowing dimly, a constant reminder of the hurt. There’s something to be said for avoiding people when you’re angry or frustrated.




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