Dark Days

The weather often mirrors one’s internal state. Actually, no, the weather is just the weather and we draw some meaning from it to our lives. Some days are breezy, sunny and vivacious, with the ensuing blinding dusts, choking. Choking, as one can be choked with hope and joy. Some days are dull: half cloudy, half sunny, the air still, sitting heavy and lazy. ‘Meh’ days, bland and uninspiring. Most days fall somewhere between these two, with an occasional spray of welcome rain. Some days are dark, grey, rainy and windy. Tormented, tormenting. The heavens seem to be lashing out at the world, until we mortals pray for them to stop. Prayers that are answered as prayers often are, capriciously. We all inhabit such days from time to time, and in the depths of such days, no light seems light enough to bring us out.


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