“It’s not you. It’s me”

If ever there was a more offensive break-up line, although I cannot fathom why, it is this one. Maybe the implication is that this is a coward’s way out, that it is said when one cannot confront the truth, when one cannot man up and be honest. Sometimes, we give up on people, we give people up, let them go and so on, because of who we are, not who they are. We do this because: we realize we will waste their time and affections because we will never eventually be the person they need, we do not envision a future with them, we are sometimes just shitty people, or we met someone else, someone more… titillating. There are sundry reasons why we do this. Often, we do not go about it in an adult way, we do not usually adopt a mature and civil approach; we go quiet, we disappear, “go A.W.O.L”, we become busy, too busy, or at worst, we lie about why we are doing it. It does not necessarily make us bad people. Well, only for a stretch, but there is such a thing as doing the wrong thing for the right reason. By extension, this makes it the right thing.

Additional Reading: It’s Not You, And It’s Not Me: The Real Reason Relationships Fail


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