On Perspective

There is a lot to be said for standing back, giving yourself a larger view than the everyday mundane details. The forest, if you will, not the trees. When you stand too close to something, when you look too close for too long, you lose perspective and the sense of importance of your focus is wildly distorted. It becomes larger, scarier, when in fact it is no different from any of the minute occurrences in our every days. We worry ourselves sick (literally) about things that happen to everyone and, worse, things we have no control over. It even becomes a habit, this tearing at everything like a spoilt child, the constant questioning and dissection. Here, the lines between curiosity and concern and paranoia and insecurity become blurred. It is a habit after all, and breaking habits is hard. Recently, I realized this is one of my main problems, worrying about the nothings. I need to take a step back. Here is to letting go and just being.


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