Yesterday Was So Innocent

It all seems so silly now, and all I needed to do was hold myself back, those eons before the hurtful words spilled out from within. Even through the shared intimacies and paralleled pains, I should never have said the things I said. Ah, the ecstasy, as the words flowed mellifluous and unhinged, and I sat carried along by them. A most egregious arrogance; falling in love with one’s own words. And now, things seem to have cooled and changed. The flames I nursed with my fantasies fizzle out, the smoke stinging my eyes to painful tears of guilt and regret. I slashed deep, both her and myself. She sits there but it seems that she has left and the room remains airless. I stare at the floor where the blood pools at my feet and wonder how it got so cold, how I got so cold. Maybe we will go back to where we once were, where we stayed hemmed in and coddled in laughter and joy, maybe we may yet rebuild a semblance of the balance that was there before this jagged corner of myself bit into her side. Maybe…



2 thoughts on “Yesterday Was So Innocent

  1. Wow, I see myself in your post! The pain of words..your own words!
    If only, I would have done things differently.. If only, I wouldn’t have traveled the distance from being an unconditional lover to a rational, practical human being! May be..things would have been different 🙂


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