The Right Words

I wish I had the right words to express myself more articulately, the right words that would take away any pain and make things white again. We have words, many words, and maybe that is the problem; that in their abundance we have forgotten how to show what we feel without always having to use them.


It is such a simple question, “Why?”, it and its variants and extrapolations. Once an answer is required of you, it then ceases to be simple. For example, “Why did you break up with her?”or “What happened to your shop?” It is not simply one thing or another that causes the collapse of a relationship or a business venture. It is many things, sometimes connected, sometimes not. The sinister implication in the seemingly simple question “Why?” is that the answers will be just as simple. And the rehearsed replies, the old tried and tested responses, come across as trite and insincere, even as they spill out effortlessly. But, these mere words are all that one has to explain themselves with. Not that you need to. Most of the time you do not owe any one an explanation, yet a price to pay in our interactions is the resulting arrogance of our partners (and even ourselves) in thinking we deserve an explanation for the actions of others.

What are the alternatives? Change the subject, clam up and shut down, and let people come to their own conclusions? This final one is a bit insidious, hence, I presume, the need to explain ourselves. You may find yourself tarred black and feathered yellow for not speaking up. I would rather not. If I am going to be misunderstood, it will be on my own terms. Until the day, if it ever comes, when we transcend words, they are what you are left with to justify your actions.

I often find, words and their resultant activities – talking and writing – cumbersome. Ironic, yes, and I am laughing even as I write this. What else is there to do? So, we talk and we write, and we hope that what we are saying resonates with someone and will ultimately make a difference. Otherwise, it would be pointless. And, perhaps, these are the only words one needs: the words to remember that most things are pointless and will have no significance in no time at all, that the right words are those that put things into perspective, highlighting the important and diminishing the banal.


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