The Caveman

I watch videos like this one and a cold fear grips me: what if I am that man, that loser that he is talking about? What if I am a poseur, a pretender, only deep on the surface? What if, even for a second, I am the kind of man women are being constantly warned against? There goes this lovely hangover I was nursing. What a waste. Now I have to introspect (a nice word I should not be using, seeing as I wanted to go through this day with half of what is left of my brain.) I believe nobody sees themselves as bad people, even bad people. How can we, with our unparalleled capacity for self-justification and delusion? Maybe here I sit, smug in the knowledge that I am upstanding, when in fact I am a total *insert your favourite expletive description*? What if?

Perspective is hard to come by and, let us face it, we are not comfortable with our beliefs and our ways of life being challenged or questioned. Yet, this is exactly what we should seek: people and experiences that shake us to our roots and force us to confront what we think we know and believe is right or true. We have barely scratched the surface of knowledge and our understanding of it. It is necessary then to always question ourselves and expose ourselves to scrutiny and criticism, lest we remain comfortable in the darkness and the warmth of our caves.


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