“I’ll Be There”

This version of the song originally performed by Michael Jackson and those other guys The Jackson 5 is the one I want played at my memorial service. You do not listen to jazz now that I am here but you damn well will when I die! Muahahahahahahaaaaaa, onomatopoeic sound for maniacal laughter, muahahahaaaa! Because I will be there, in your hearts and your minds. At least I hope so. The nature of things, the nature of nature, is that nothing is eternal. Memory and grief are ephemeral. People move on, the world keeps ticking, as if nothing happened. There is a dark consolation in knowing that soon enough things will go back to a semblance of the way they were, or even go back to exactly the way they were. Or even become better. You may be important, just not as important as you think. That thing you value so much, however actually valuable, may one day go, and you may very likely not be any better or worse off. And, soon enough, everything you know and cherish, will come to an end. Some rambling perspective in case your, or someone else’s, computer crashes.



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