Friday Rant

You know you are growing old when you notice that you are having trouble picking out a movie or a series you can really sink your teeth into. Is it just me or is television a barren wasteland full of bad shit? Excluding cartoons, I find there is almost nothing worth watching, and believe me, I have tried. I even tried watching Empire, two whole episodes, unflinchingly, so you cannot tell me I have not applied myself in the search for great viewing. I can literally feel what is left of my patience slipping away with each passing second in front of a screen. I would rather sleep or stare into space.

It is one of those realizations that come to you gradually, like admitting that a Subaru is a pretty good car, or acknowledging that you are becoming a supporter of the current president…. Nah, this last one is a joke. I should mention now that I am a fan of The Wire, hence my probably unfounded dismissal of TV. Seriously, ask any one who loves The Wire. They exude elitism and snobbery as far as television is concerned. You can smell them from a mile away. To be fair, I enjoy the occasional Modern Family episode and I have recently started Man Seeking Woman. There might be hope after all.



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