A Small Thought on Banks

Banks, when they are not tanking the global economy and bombarding us with asinine advertisements and promotions, are important. For all our misgivings we still need them. Where else would you put your money and move it around easily and safely? Even as I say this, I realize there can be found better ways to handle money and carry out transactions. MPESA relies on a bank as part of its backbone, ama where do you think your funds sit? So no, it is not a solution. Banks, run-of-the-mill, boring, stuffy, overly corporate (can that be a term?), bureaucratic banks are what we have for now. I always imagine that visiting the bank a lot like going for a prostrate exam. It is an essential undertaking, one that you would need to be extremely lucky to have lived without, it requires a great deal of self-bargaining to the point of it taking on the feel of a moral dilemma, and after the visit is over, you cannot help but feel slightly violated.


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