I was joking with one of my sisters a few days ago about how this song has become my life’s anthem. I listened to it when it had just come out, together with the other songs on the album, but now I am experiencing it anew, with a fresh pair of ears, like I am hearing it for the first time. Some parts of the song had unwittingly become apt – Don’t come looking for love – and the spirit of it too much a reflection of what I had become: relentlessly unfeeling and unable to show any vulnerability. A manifestation of this is a complete absence of respect for other people’s feelings, a lack of empathy. I could burn bridges without caring about getting licked by the fires. I felt untouchable, walking between the rain drops, as it were. With time, however, you come to learn that you cannot live with such wanton disregard. It is easy to say that you have changed, that you have re-evaluated your actions and that you are striving to be more conscientious and conscious. It is easy to say anything. But, how do you apologize to the people you aggrieved, how do you… make it right? How do you convey your remorse, communicate that even if it does not seem so, that you are also bitter with yourself, most bitter with yourself? And, does it even matter, when all is said and done?


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