Friday Night at News Cafe

Sugar on her tongue, then on mine.
The crystals scratch delicately as I
gently reach for myself inside her mouth.
Salt on cold cucumber slices,then on
both of ours. Lips pressed together.
Exciting. We are reminded of what
we are and what we could be,
of where we are, despite being
in this warm dim aeonian place.
The night drew us out and apart. I
I hung on to her, not wanting to leave,
she gently pushed me, drawing away
from the heat of my lust. I was not
fearful, comfortable being alone.
I embraced the silence, letting the cold
night swallow me into it. There is
more of this path to walk, by myself
or with her. Her sardonic smile
lingers on my mind as the lids
cover my eyes. A sardonic smile plays
on my lips. Sugar on my tongue, then…



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