They all mean well. We bump into each other in our day-to-days, and it is a good thing to check regularly up and touch base with another. However, I mostly do not want to take part in the small talk. It is cold (no, it is not. I have felt colder. This is nothing). It is rainy, and the traffic is more of a nightmare (as it always is when it rains, coupled with the fact that most of us become stupid when it rains).

Yes, I usually get to the office early, even during the rainy season, despite the fact that I live along Thika Road (so that I can spend some minutes by myself reading, writing and working without distractions before the rest of you beautiful degenerates show up and smash the crystal serenity. This is a sentiment echoed by another person we work with). Internet connectivity has gone down again, like all of the Friday last week (it usually does when it rains and not just in this country). Do you see a thread here?

It always seems people pick the moments when you are most engaged in chatting you up: enjoying a quiet lunch, a sunset or a breath-taking panorama, or watching a cartoon. I do not understand why a lot of people are uncomfortable with silence. It is perfectly all right not to talk and not to engage people who would like to chat.



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