A Little on Photography

Like anyone with a sense of colour and vision, I enjoy great photography. It takes something much more than a camera and ability to point and push a button to take a moving and poignant photograph. That is why I shy away from taking pictures.

I feel that there is something lost in attempting to trap an object or a person within a medium more durable than memory. I find tasting with your eyes and turning over the flavours in your mind, and your heart can be enough, made sweeter by the fickleness of memory and the grasping at the memories.

I think the best photographers, are those who can articulate what we see with our eyes, and since what we see we also feel, can also define our emotions, with their cameras and translate this experience into a print or a digital format.

They are the ones who take the stable world we live in and hold it permanently, and when we look at their work, are reminded of what the objects are. These immortalizations of the real objects move us.

A great photograph conveys information about its subject. It is not just its subject. You are transported to the world of the particular topic when you look at it. It is almost like you are breathing the air there. You see and experience what that slice of light and colour and paper represent.


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