I think it’s important that all creatives understand the potential of finding ways to be more visible and produce content that allows their art to shine.

As a writer, there’s more that I could do to engage with readers. I hope to make up what I lack in visibility to be balanced by my consistency and quality. – Yoh, 2Yohz, aka @Yoh31

I thoroughly enjoy Yoh’s work! I found out just how much I admire his work when it hit me that the articles on Dj Booth that really jumped out at me were all written by him.

One cannot imagine that a writer on the internet can be lucid, concise, engaging and entertaining when tackling hip-hop and how it relates to modern life.

You would never think that great writing can be found on a website dedicated  mostly to hip-hop, especially in an age when every other wag thinks that it is their right to be heard.

He challenges my perceptions about music and life with his illuminating outlook and I imagine him to be a hip professor giving a lecture in some stuffy classroom dressed in a tweed jacket, jeans and sneakers with me in the middle row rushing to jot down his every word.

On my rare sojourns outside my internet comfort zones, his words are a place I always find myself coming back to.



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