A bit on people

Working with people intimately, helping them with certain of their problems for a living, is an expanding experience. You get to see the incandescent and the dull aspects of humanity, the good and bad and bland, the smart and the stupid.

What this does is put you in an interesting position. Some would call it humility or wisdom or some other high-minded virtue. I think it is just survival.

Your patience becomes as sharp as your awareness of wit, your heart no longer races at every perceived slight (the slights are almost always unintended, it is never personal), and you know what to say and how to get them what they need (the solutions are at your fingertips).

You come to expect it all. Few things surprise you and you see things for what they are: a lot of the time, clumsily and haltingly, we are all trying to do our best with what we know.


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