The Lemon-Tea Lady

When I told her about my new house, I mentioned how I now have seats on which to relax and enjoy herbal teas. Previously, I had sat on my mattress on the floor.

She said I look like a coffee person.

I enjoy both tea and coffee. Coffee in the morning and teas throughout the day. She insisted you cannot be a coffee and tea person at the same time. I told her you can like more than one thing at a time. She replied coffee and tea have different personalities of people.

Her drinks are hot water and lemon tea.

She often comes across as naive. I do not think she is. I think she is one of those loving open-hearted people who try to see the best in everyone. She is gregarious and chats up anyone she meets. She smiles easily and hot laughter is always inches behind her perfect teeth and full lips.

She seems like the kind of person who would call you just to say hello, who would never delete your number, and who would be racked with guilt at forgetting your name.

Ako na roho safi.

Maybe that is why she did not pick up on my subtle sexually-suggestive statement. Maybe she did and chose to ignore it. Her wide-eyed warm nature draw people to her. That kind of magnetism has its drawbacks. She is likely skilled at gracefully turning down advances.

She is covered with thorns that pierce without showing they do.


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