The Picayune Concerns of the Bourgeoisie

A cousin of mine tells of once when he was living in a gated community, there were security concerns that needed to be addressed. Possible break-ins, muggings, robberies, car-jackings.

The home owners were having a meeting to see how their well-beings could be guaranteed, what roles they could play in addition to improving surveillance and hiring more guards. Most, if not all, of them were upper middle class young and youngish couples, a few with children.

Also, being in a gated community feels safer and their is a togetherness often lacking in these individualistic times. During the discussions one lady piped up that she was worried about the pool attendant sleeping with the house-girl on her, the lady’s, marital bed.

Here they are faced with severe damage or loss of property and even bodily harm in the event they let their collective guard down, and this was what she was losing sleep over. Well…


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