I burned her and covered myself with the ashes of what we built,
To mourn us, to mourn her, to mourn for the self I was not.



Sometimes distances solidify and become permanent. We find ourselves on separate paths, knowing they not will rejoin down the road. Some people never come back. You never go back to some people. A day becomes a week becomes a months becomes a year becomes a lifetime and a life.

It seems like no time at all and a universe has grown in the space you both curled up on together on cold days. And when you look back, it is impossible to point to the exact moment, or the moments that make up they symphony of something broken, when everything came undone, unravelled like a cheap cardigan.

And we can be more empathetic. Empathy and understanding do not mean that you condone the actions of the people that you understand — but if you don’t understand them how can you change them? How can we help each other if we’re all stuck in our own echo chambers, not listening? How does change happen if we block somebody whose opinions we don’t like? How do we change their opinion? How do we have our opinions changed when they need changing if we don’t listen? – Dain Saint

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