Sweet Nothings is Nothing

I have grown weary of these nothings,

Once they were sweet, now they are nothing.

Words flow tepid and forced,

Cold glue.

I will keep to myself,

And you to yours.

Life is fleeting,

There is no place for this masquerade.


Ice King

His heart is the beautiful clear clean glass of a bright ocean,

Always smiling and never smiling.

Slow is the rhythm in his chest,

Fast are the feet that spirit him away from affection.

Enchanting, a cold starful night,

The vacuum within the vacuum,

Drawing relentlessly,

As he himself is drawn…inexorably.

A smooth touch and demeanor,

No crack in the veneer.

It is all veneer.

Break the ice and see the king

Hurting and scared of the light.

Warm him with your sun even when he burns you.

The Death Of Me

Thoughts in flight,

Leaving my mind empty,

Filled only with juvenile fantasies

Of….. you….. and me,

of U.N.I.

On fire you set me,

I burn gladly, to cinders

Of pure dreams and affection,

But like the lover, jealous and stupid,

I can’t but feel that your dreams and affections

Another has.

Then thoughts, angry and confused

Come back choking,

I drown in my own tears.

Like the lover,

Cursed to remain jealous and stupid

When it comes to you.

You will be

The Death Of Me.